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Samrat X Choudhury

Journalist & Author

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Samrat Choudhury chronicles the processes by which the hill-tribes of India’s formerly remote Northeast, and the diverse other peoples inhabiting the valley of the vast Brahmaputra River below, became parts of the ‘imagined nation’ that is India.

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Samrat Choudhury a.k.a. Samrat X is a journalist and author from Shillong, India. He is a former editor of broadsheet newspapers in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. His latest work, The Braided River, is a travelogue following the course of the Brahmaputra.

He was one of the two editors, along with Preeti Gill, of an anthology titled Insider Outsider on this divide in India’s Northeast, which was published by Amaryllis in 2019, to positive reviews. His first novel, The Urban Jungle, was published by Penguin Books in 2011, and nominated for the Man Asian Literary Prize. → Read More